End of the Simpsons?

Okay, it’s only occasionally genre, but I think enough Simpsons fans hang around here to report on the fact that the show’s 16th season is in trouble.

They killed off Maude Flanders when Maggie Roswell demanded more money, but what will producers do now that the entire main cast continues to hold out for more d’oh?* Several media sources reported (here’s one) on the dispute nearly a month ago; the situation hasn’t improved. Dan Castelaneta (Homer, Grandpa, Krusty, Barney, Groundskeeper Willie), Julie Kavner (Marge, Patty, Selma), Nancy Cartwright (Bart, Nelson), Yeardley Smith (Lisa), Hank Azaria and Harry Shearer (pretty much anyone else who is not a celebrity guest) continue to boycott work until their pay increases.

Only six eps of the next season have been completed, and while the start will be delayed until November ’04 anyway by baseball, the problem remains, unless Fox and the actors resolve their differences. The problem is worse for an animated show than for live action, because it takes several months after the voice tracks have been recorded to complete the animation.

It’s one of the most valuable properties on television, though I personally think it jumped the ol’ shark years ago, and maybe Fox should just let the show die.

*Bad pun jacked from Dave who stole it from someone else.

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  1. Couldn’t Care Less
    I haven’t watched the show at all this season, and I haven’t watched it regularly (as time-shifted appointment TV) for about four years. I think the actors probably deserve more money based on the ridiculous amount that Fox makes off the show, both in terms of current advertising revenue and off their very successful DVD releases.

    Heck, I’ll probably end up owning every episode on DVD, including the “meh” seasons because I’m a geeky completist. But, if the show never appeared on Fox again it wouldn’t affect me even a tiny bit. More room for Family Guy (can hardly wait until January for that one to return). :)

  2. Well…
    I don’t much care anymore. I love the Simpsons and am more than happy about the DVD releases, but 16 seasons is more than enough Simpsons for me. If they cancel it, it will suck, but I’ll get over it. They’ve canned Futurama, Family Guy, Firefly and lots of other good shows and it wasn’t the end of the world. No biggie on my end.

    • Re: NNOOOO!!!

      NO!!! I love the simpsons!!!And Family Guy!!!

      They reached a settlement over the weekend, so the show
      will go on.

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