Agent Carter Discussion: “Life of the Party” and “Monster”

This week brings us back-to-back episodes of Marvel’s Agent Carter. Peggy enlists help from an old enemy, Jason Wilkes becomes a force to reckon with, Vernon Masters takes over the office, and Whitney Frost pwns the council.

Jack Thompson remains a wild card. Whose side, exactly, is he on? Dottie, of course, is much wilder.

Reviews will return next week, but this week the cast earns full marks as the plot puts everyone in peril.

5 replies on “Agent Carter Discussion: “Life of the Party” and “Monster””

  1. Curious if folks are watching this. It’s been a _very_ entertaining ride! I’m impressed with how much fun it’s been. Very comic-booky (like the speed of Peggy’s recovery — or the fact she did not bust her head on the cinder blocks), but entertaining.

    • We’re watching it but with them showing two-hour long blocks on days we have other shows it means we have to wait longer to watch it, since we watch it as a family. I get that they’re trying to pack more in but being inconsistent with 1hr vs 2hr showings is a bit of a pain.

      As for the events on the show itself, it’s been great! I’m still not sold on Wilkes, but Frost and Dottie are killing it. The internal SSR politics bits are less interesting, but we’ll see where that leads, I suppose.

  2. “I have a terrible idea.” Yeah no kidding, Peggy!

    I do enjoy the show. I really want Hayley Atwell to be the next Doctor…

    • I was really hoping her terrible idea was to bring along Ana Jarvis, though Dottie was fun.

      As for the Doctor bit, I’d love to see that, though with the news that Hayley Atwell has been cast in a legal drama pilot (playing a lawyer whose first name is … Carter!) makes that a bit less likely. Supposedly they’re going to work her schedule around her being in both the new show and Agent Carter, but I predict confusion about her being on two shows on the same network both having her name be Carter (First or last).

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