DC-TV Discussion: Arrow, “Code of Silence” and Legends of Tomorrow, “Fail-Safe”

Weather-related damage took out our internet and cable last night. Feel free to post your own reviews and comments on this week’s Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow here.

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  1. Well the secret of Oliver’s son lasted longer than many secrets do on Arrow, at least. I’ve still got my money on Felicity’s mom being in the grave. And I know they are saying Felicity’s inability to walk is temporary but you’d think by now they’d have her in something much slicker than a manual wheelchair. No exoskeleton? No fancy powered chair loaded with gadgets?

    As for Legends of Tomorrow, it somewhat made up for last week, though I am really hoping they come up with some monster/villain-of-the-week type things to break it up a bit. I like shows with long arcs but when Savage is the villain every week I can see it wearing thin before long.

    • As someone said somewhere, they either stop VS, which ends their reason for existing, or they have to fail every week. They *better* come up with something to break it up now & then.

      • I get that it works in the comics, and even in cartoons (Inspector Gadget vs Dr. Claw, G.I. Joe vs Cobra, Perry the Platypus vs. Dr. Doofenshmirtz, etc) but for an hour long drama it needs some variation, even for short-run series.

        If the X-Files was non-stop alien/conspiracy episodes I would not have liked it so much, and we wouldn’t have had many of the best episodes. Heck even the new event series run of X-Files found time to break it up and we got an instant classic in “Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster”.

        OK so maybe they can’t kill VS but could they at least knock him down a peg or thwart a better scheme (that they didn’t cause themselves)?

        • I’m finding it somewhat maddening that they seem to be regularly stopping Savage, but never bothering to contain him. Even if he can’t die, he can be locked in a box for a couple hundred years.

          • or pierced with reobar and sunk into the bottom of a river. Didn’t these guys watch Days of Future Past?

  2. LOTF: It might be considered bad taste but had they put the camp in Chernobyl this could have had a very interesting twist on the episode.

    Arrow: His son being in the grave is my guess.

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