You can spend May 14 with the still-living crew of Apollo 8, though the price is a trifle steep.

Below: VR and thermal-imagining cell phones at the Mobile World Congress, printed accommodations for the Moon, a runaway unicorn in California, a robo-critic in Paris, Super Comic-Con in London, and more.

This year’s the Mobile World Congress suggests we’re a little closer to actual Virtual Reality and, since smartphone cameras aren’t invasive enough, they’ll soon come with thermal imaging.

France gives us Robo-art-critic:

Police caught up with a Runaway Unicorn in CA:

Future lunar bases may feature 3-D printed homes:

Smart Textiles want you to know that you, too, can have a musical tablecloth.

And Two Geeky Guys, among others, cover London, England’s Super Comic-Con:

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  1. I wonder if the police report on the runaway unicorn is available to the public. Because that would be hilarious.

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