Weekly Comics Discussion

This week, we have Exiles #46, which is a
part of the X-Men Reload event. (I’ll
review the previous batch before the TPB comes out.)
We’ve also got a new issue of Ultimate
, developing the Hollywood story arc.

2 replies on “Weekly Comics Discussion”

  1. eh
    I still don’t know how Spidey escaped Doc Oc on the plane. I’m surprised Bendis would be so lame as to not offer any type of plausible explanation. Anyone here checked out Spidergirl? I was thinking of getting the trade.

    • Re: eh
      On USM: I figured that Ock just underestimated Pete’s strength (he was probably keeping his struggling to a minimum until Ock went to the cockpit) and willingness to leave the plane in flight. I didn’t see any indication that his bonds were anything terribly special, either.

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