Legends of Tomorrow Discussion: “Marooned”

This week, the Waverider, carrying blue paint, crashed into some space pirates, whose ship is carrying red paint, and both crews are marooned.*

Okay, okay… Sorry. The conflict has a very silly instigating incident (Rip can’t recognize an obvious trap) but it made for an occasionally fun Star Trek / early SF TV homage that mines the potential for this series when our heroes don’t have to focus on Vandal Savage. It gets bogged down by two dubious romance subplots, one of which involves a ridiculous and derivative Time Masters law.



2 replies on “Legends of Tomorrow Discussion: “Marooned””

  1. You jest about red paint and blue paint but their engines were different colors (red and blue, or maybe orange-ish), for no discernible technical reason. I’m sure there’s a comic book physics explanation.

    I was glad to see the focus not be on VS for a change, it was a welcome change at that, but they still manged to bring him up quite a lot.

    I can understand the reasoning about time masters hiding their real names and not forming relationships (probably pulled that gag straight from Doctor Who), it makes sense to prevent their lineage and loved ones from being targeted.

    Still could do without the relationship subplots but it’s a CW show so they can’t just leave them out I suppose.

  2. I was hoping that the the whole Hawkgirl + partner thing was going to disappear for a few weeks but alas not.

    The only thing this episode seemed to do was deal with Captain Cold’s partner.

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