Ghostbusters Reboot Trailer

It’s not Tuesday, but this is one of the most anticipated films in the coming year (certainly one of the most debated). Do the girls pull it off?

There’s a hidden website on the whiteboard. Check it out if you want a better look at the gear.

There’s now a fan-edit already.

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  1. Do the girls pull it off??? What sort of reboot is it? I thought this was a female-empowering PG movie!!!

  2. I wish it weren’t a reboot. How hard would it have been to have them be the children of the original ghostbusters?

  3. I love the original and enjoy the sequel, and will undoubtedly be there the first night babysitting can be arranged. I’m not terribly excited by what I’ve seen here, though. Some (much?) of the humour seems a bit forced.

  4. I was really enjoying the first part of the trailer, especially with the slow piano version of the original theme. But then it turned into a normal Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy comedy. Ugh.

    I did enjoy Leslie Jones’s bits though. The power of pain!

    • I agree, that “The power of…” bit was probably the only legitimately funny part of the trailer.

      Some of the effects looked interesting, modern versions of the classic style, but overall it feels like it’s trying to hard to outdo the original in some way rather than to be its own thing.

      It should have been a new story in the same universe, in another city.

  5. I have mixed feelings. If this was an original movie, I’d be interested in seeing it. It gave me a couple chuckles, and the premise is fine. Unfortunately, it also pales in comparison to almost every aspect of the original film and its sequel. I’ll watch it, but not in the theater.

  6. You guys are viewing the original Ghostbusters via nostalgia tinted glasses. I watched the original recently and it was funny, but it wasn’t as good as I remembered. It dragged a lot in places. Sure there were moments it shone, and that is what we all remember. Thank God they aren’t doing a straight reboot as I don’t think they could reproduce the chemistry of the original cast.

    • > You guys are viewing the original Ghostbusters via nostalgia tinted glasses.

      No, I’m viewing another unnecessary reboot as another another unnecessary reboot. Enough already. Make original movies.

      When they try to remake The Princess Bride I swear to god I’m gonna riot.

      • This. I am now at the point where I am simply refusing to watch reboots and milk-the-franchise movies at the cinema unless the early reviews by actual fans are in the stratosphere, and even then will quite often wait for Netflix or whatever (I’ve got a big high-res screen, so usually it’s “good enough”). Sadly, it appears that sufficient millions are still willing to do so that I doubt the strategy is going to change anytime soon though…

      • Oh come on, Jethro. All The Princess Bride needs is a grittier tone, a few explosions, and some IHOP product placement. Does Zack Snyder have his next project yet?

        • You mean the one where Patton Oswalt plays Vizzini and says:

          You fell victim to one of the classic blunders – The most famous of which is “Never order the Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruity without slathering it with Boysenberry” but only slightly well known is this: “Never go in against against a Sicilian, when food is on the line!”

  7. How is it that the Fan Cut is more interesting than the studio version? Has the art of making trailers fallen so far that studios have forgotten how to put the best 2 minutes of a film into a short?

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