The big news last week was the return of Scott Kelly (check out his best photos, above), after a record 340 days in space.

Hubble, meanwhile, glimpsed farther in time and space than ever before.

Robo-dog, a solar plane, a ghostly octopus, cosplay, and a Bureau appearance, below.

Dog meets robo-dog:

A solar plane intended for a world journey makes a successful test flight:

Caspar the Friendly Octopus! A new octopus species has been found off Hawaii, and it bears a striking resemblance to a certain cartoon Friendly Ghost:

Here’s some shots of Japan Festa 2016 in Bangkok, Thailand:

Finally, if you’re in the Can/Am bordertown of Sarnia, Ontario on March 13, stop by the Sarnia Pop Culture Festival, where I’ll be sitting on a handful of panels.