What do we spy this week?

Besides some deep-diving children, who see like dolphins in the sea?

We have space news, a non-scamming Nigerian astronaut, new discoveries, ancient Middle Earth battles, and more, below:

The recently-arrived crew of the ISS received an important Easter Weekend delivery.

After years of Nigerian Astronaut Scams we have a right to be suspicious, but the African nation claims it will be sending a person into space as a part of its own space program (technically, a Nigerian has already been in space). They acknowledge it won’t happen for a few years.

Japan has lost contact with the Hitomi space telescope

Evidence suggests that Saturn’s famous rings may have been formed more recently than we thought, and long after the development of life on earth.

Meanwhile, here on earth, we now have a classification for one of the most enigmatic fossil forms, the teeny sea serpent known as Tully’s Monster….

And, by Crom! There’s evidence of an epic, previously-unknown battle in ancient Europe. Was the One Ring involved? Or was this a Hyperborean thing?

….And fen will be fen:

Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo 2016:

Burmingham Comiccon 2016:

Leipziger Buchmesse 2016 (Germany):

Anime Milwaukee 2016:

Fighting Dreamers discuss cosplay bullying: