Arrow Discussion: “Eleven-Fifty-Nine”

Darhk gets his power back, an ally proves deceptive, and Team Arrow loses a member.

Will this loss be permanent?

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  1. Between the pit (surely it’s not all gone), and Flash E2 (Where we know she will be guest starring as Black Siren), and other comic book-y handwave-y things, they could bring “her” “back” any time they wanted. Kind of makes any death on these shows have little emotional impact.

    Honestly I haven’t really cared for this portrayal of Black Canary and it always felt like they shoehorned her into the vigilante role in a very forced/blah way.

    So if the character stays dead, or comes back, I’m OK with it, so long as it has some lasting effect and isn’t cheaply undone.

      • I’m betting on that one.

        Also, given what Ollie knows about the idol (and its requiring death to activate, which makes them using it unlikely), I would have expected a bit more effort to scatter the pieces.

      • I had considered that, but it sure didn’t feel like that is what was happening. Usually there are some tell-tale signs.

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