Supergirl Mini-Review: “Better Angels”

Supergirl finishes its first season, with Kara and J’onn J’onzz saving the world, followed by a double cliffhanger. Hopefully, CBS will confirm the show’s second season soon, and we’ll find out some things…

The Supergirl character has grown. The show features some good special effects, though budget limitations made the fight a little underwhelming. Sure, J’onzz ripped a villain in twain, but Kara’s fight consisted of some distantly-viewed flights and a heat-vision dual.

I’m less interested in what Maxwell Lord and General Lane are plotting — we knew they’d be setting up next season’s Big Threat– than I am in (1) how quickly they’ll run out of even remotely plausible reasons to keep Superman out of world-threatening conflicts and (2) what we’ll learn about the contents of the new Kryptonian capsule.

Krypto? Streaky? Comet the Super Horse? Connor Kent? (I know only one of those is a true Kryptonian, but the show has its own mythos, so….)

Any guesses? Comments?

4 replies on “Supergirl Mini-Review: “Better Angels””

  1. Well, Supergirl fans should be thankful I didn’t tune in. That seems to be a surefire death sentence for genre television.

  2. Superman was off-world on a space mission, but Supergirl cannot survive in space?

  3. It might just be Australian culture but the whole speech thing just came across as flat and filler.

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