Robot abbot:

Flying close to the sun:
The Solar Impulse 2 solar plane completed a successful crossing of the Pacific Ocean.

Peake Condition:
Astronaut Tim Peake completed the equivalent of a marathon on the ISS.

Inhuman Delay:
In movie space news, Marvel has removed the Inhumans from their current schedule, though it may be more of a rescheduling brought about by Spider-man’s arrival in the MCU. Unless, of course, Disney has a secret deal in the works to grab back the X-Men.

We can always dream, right?

It’s just a Con:

Finally, here are some video highlights from Seatle’s Emerald City Comic-con 2016, courtesy of beatdownboogie and ThatGuyYouKnowww:

…and Kawaii Kon 2016 Highlights, created by Grant Uchida:

Look for the Bureau at Ad Astra, next week in Toronto.