Babylon 5 actor Richard Biggs dead.

writes, Richard
(Dr. Stephen Franklin on Babylon 5) has
passed away.
It was sudden, and just after he
woke up. I haven’t found a cause of death, but it
looks like stroke or aneurysm right now.

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    • Re: Website updated.

      Richard Bigg’s website has been updated, it has information about memorial services and stuff.

      Weird. It appears to be /.ed, but I haven’t seen anything on /. about this. :) I guess that says something right there.

  1. Richard Biggs’ untimely death
    My wife and I had the pleasure of spending a bit of time with Richard Biggs and Jason Carter at DragonCon in Atlanta over the past four years. It seems that we would always be in line to pick up our guest passes either in front of or behind Richard year after year. We always laughed about the coincidence. As we waited in line together, we’d pass the time talking. Richard was an incredibley nice man. I can’t stress that enough. Warm, friendly, witty,… just a pleasure to be around. We’d talk to he and Jason at the autograph tables when we’d see them there as well. The shock of hearing that this kind, friendly guy, who always seemed fit as a fiddle, had passed was stunning. This very down-to-earth, talented man will be sorely missed. He was scheduled to be at Atlanta’s DragonCon again this year. How sad that he’s gone. What a waste.

  2. Arizona Paper – Cause of Death
    Yes, he will be missed. Richard was so gifted and blessed to have a career that he loved and a family that he loved more. My heart goes out to his family. Our paper in Arizona stated his cause of death as “a tear in his aorta”…thought some of you would like to know that. I believe that is the same reason John Ritter passed away.

    • Re: Arizona Paper – Cause of Death
      There needs to be more research on this disease. It is called Marfans syndome. It is almost almost missed. I get the newsletter every month about this disease and it affects 10 out of 1000. Maybe someday research will help to keep deaths from being sudden.

      Rest in Peace Richard Biggs and John Ritter

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