THX 1138 Gets Rerelease

Sci-Fi Wire has some good info on it. I, for one, have never had a chance to see it, so this should help out.

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  1. Historical value only
    I have seen it, a couple of times, though it has been a number of years. The story, from what I remember, is somewhat Orwellian, and it has kind of a 60’s sci-fi-surreal feel, like the first Lathe of Heaven and the end of 2001 (though not *that* surreal ;-) ).

  2. I Saw It Too
    I saw THX in 1971 as a 15 year old when it first came out. We were on vacation in Florida (Tampa / St. Pete) and out of all the things I wanted to do, I wanted to see THX. So my parents dropped me off at a multiplex (6 screens, as I recall!!! Super hi tech, my hometown didn’t even have a duplex screen back then) and I watched it. Pretty good, I particularly remember the final shot of the guy coming out of the manhole cover with the sun in the background, and thinking hte “drugs-as-prison” angle was cool. Anyway, my mom and dad pick me up and see the poster for the movie – “A future where love is the ultimate crime!” it said, or something like that, and based on the poster artwork they thought I had gone to a foreign porn movie. I don’t think I convinced them otherwise until Star Wars came out six years later by that same porn director, George Lucas.

    Actually, he did American Graffiti before that, and if you look close, the license plate for the hot-rodder guy is THX-1138.

    • Re: I Saw It Too

      It’s not bad. Of course, Lucas also references this film in Star Wars, as a detention level on the Death Star.

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