Teaser for 2017 Star Trek Series



New Crews, New Villains, New Heroes, New Worlds.

That first part (Crews, plural) may allude to the fact that they’re talking about making this an anthology series much like American Horror Story and True Detective. I’m OK with some new stuff, but part of what makes Star Trek (at least from TNG through Voyager) was revisiting and going deeper into alien worlds and cultures. I’ll reserve judgement on that choice, since it’s new ground for the franchise.

Please, don’t call it just “Star Trek” without any additional title info. The 2009 film is confusing enough to talk about in the grand scheme of all things Trek.

Meanwhile, it’s been FIVE MONTHS since Paramount released the first teaser for Star Trek: Beyond (screw you, I’m using a damn colon in the title) and we’ve had nothing since. To quote another Sci-Fi franchise, “I have a bad feeling about this.”

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    • Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure BitTorrent is available everywhere.

      (Serious answer, if these folks are even remotely smart, they’ll make sure the show’s also available on iTunes/Google Play/Amazon/etc.)

      • Even if they do, I totally see this show eclipsing Game of Thrones as the most torrented show in history.

  1. Basically no information, although visually it’s reminiscent of the new films.

    Please don’t just call it Star Trek.

    Please sort out and tell us international simultaneous availability.

    Please make it awesome and thoughtful and challenging.

    I hate teasers. They tease too much.

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