Flash: “Magenta” Arrow: “A Matter of Trust” Legends of Tomorrow: “The Justice Society of America”

The Flash teams up with Jesse Quick to take on a metal-warping metahuman with anger issues.

Two of Ollie’s new recruits act on their own and, in the process, knock a drug dealer into one of those vats of mutagenic goop lying around the DCU. The team must come together to take on the resulting new metahuman, as Ollie deals with his implausible second life as mayor and Diggle faces imprisonment.

The Legends encounter the Justice Society of America.

The Flash features decent effects this week. I wonder how long they’ll keep trumping up the suspense regarding Kid Flash.

The tension between the superhuman and the mundane continues to be an issue on Arrow, but the flashbacks this week support the main story.

I’m probably going to see an old acquaintance in a local production of Rocky Horror tonight, but I’ll eventually watch this one, if only to see what they do with the 1940s Justice Society.

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  1. It’s a bit obvious they are setting up Wally to seek out Alchemy, either as a deliberate plan to draw him out or as a plot point so he’ll need saving.

  2. I won’t bother nitpicking Legends‘ increasingly ridiculous version of history, but I do find myself asking why, if this version of the Justice Society is entirely top secret, they still wear such conspicuous outfits.

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