Teaser Trailer for Logan

logan-poster-hugh-jackman-wolverine-3The latest (and presumably last) Wolverine movie is coming out next March. The scale and scope of this one seems very personal (helped along by some nice Johnny Cash music).

And who doesn’t want a road trip movie with Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart?

2 replies on “Teaser Trailer for Logan”

  1. Red band is available, too: http://www.slashfilm.com/logan-trailer/.

    Looks reeeeeally dark. Hopefully there’s some brightness in all that. Doesn’t look like it’ll be a hand-off of Wolverine to X-23 (unless they find a way to send her back in time…) as much as just an interesting story told with little regard to the continuity we’ve seen to date.

    I’m tentatively looking forward to it. :-)

    • My thoughts exactly. I guess Patrick Stewart is taking over the Hawkeye role for this moving? I think I’m okay with that, but only because… well, Patrick Stewart.

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