“Edgar Allan Poe in Love?”

A new movie, based (sort of) on the life of Edgar Allan Poe has just been studio-approved. “Nevermore: The Nightmares of Edgar Allan Poe,”is being described as something like the 1998 smash hit “Shakespeare in Love” with elements of last year’s “Memento.”

While still grieving for his dead wife, Poe must unravel the mystery surrounding a series of murders that mirror his own horror stories. Several characters from within his books appear as his contemporaries. But can the author’s unstable mindset be trusted. Perhaps his horrific imagination has found a new outlet?

There is more info at Yahooo! News. No cast members have been announced as yet. Who would you all like to see play “The Father of the Modern Detective Story?”

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  1. Steve Buscemi
    I think Steve Buscemi would be a fantastic Edgar Allen Poe. Granted, I don’t know much about his life, but Buscemi is a wonderful fit to the image of the author I see in my mind when reading his work.

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