DC/Hanna-Barbera Crossover Madness

Many years ago, I suggest in a list of possible Elseworlds tales the ultimate ridiculous premise, “Frank Miller’s gritty take on the Banana Splits.”

Well, DC will be crossing its mainstream characters next year with its re-imagined Hanna-Barbera titles. Booster Gold will join forces with the reimagined Flintstones, Green Lantern will team up with Space Ghost, and (although Frank Miller won’t be writing), the Suicide Squad will meet the Banana Splits.

5 replies on “DC/Hanna-Barbera Crossover Madness”

  1. PuppetSocko says:

    What next? A presidential candidacy/reality-tv/cheetos commercial crossover?

  2. I’ve been reading the Hanna-Barbera comics, and they’re all surprisingly good! I read more of those than I do regular DC.

  3. Brian says:

    Batman meets Scooby-Doo? Just like old times?

    • JD DeLuzio says:

      DC has been running a conventional Scooby comic and a Scooby-meets-kid-friendly-DC-heroes crossover comic for some years now, pre-dating their new wave of adult-oriented HB comics.

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