Happy Newspace!

We live in interesting times, but as 2016 finally comes to its conclusion, I’m hoping for a happier future. Enjoy whatever you might be doing this evening and, before I head out, I have gathered, with the Bureau’s help, a few Newspace stories for ya:

NASA’s Jeff Williams has posted this amazing video of earth from space. It seems like a good way to end the year, so take a good, long look:

And, below:

Damien Chazelle will direct Ryan Gosling as Neil Armstrong in a biopic, First Man, based on the biography by James R. Hansen.

As someone who just read the history of the 1918 Flu Pandemic, I can appreciate Bill Gates’s dire warning about the next one, but other, more optimistic science-related news is around:

Vocativ looks back on a busy year for the Orion Spacecraft:

…developments with brain/tech interface:

….and a robotic suit for use at the Fukushima disaster zone:

The Chinese plan to ban the ivory trade.

On the less scientific front, lots of people continue to attend Cons, cosplay, and generally geek out:

Holiday Matsuri (Orlando, Florida) Video (from Mineralblu)

Con Alt/Delete/Cosplay (Chicago) (video by Atomic Network):

For fans who want to ring in the New Year, at a Con, here’s some footage of the first day of Portland’s Newcon PDX:

Dallas’s Marvelous New Year (with Stan Lee, among others):

Meanwhile, in numerous cities, Light Sabre Vigils were held last night to honour Carrie Fisher:

Happy New Year, and let’s all stay hopeful for 2017:

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