Bill Nye and Doctor Who among those who joined pro-science rallies:

April 22 was Earth Day, and many people took the opportunity to address the broader issues of science which is actively under attack in many political quarters. The London March’s guests included Peter Capaldi, the current Doctor Who, astronaut Garrett Reisman joined the crowds in LA in an electric hummer, and Bill Nye addressed protesters in the Washington:

Other Newspace below, including alien-seeming Terran lifeforms, John Glenn, and Cosplay:

John Glenn returns to space– or rather, the Cygnus cargo ship that bears his name arrives at the International Space Station.

Naked Mole Rats, though oddball mammals who live like insects, also behave like plants, depending on the weather. The discovery also has potential medical implications. Seriously, the world we know offers examples of living creatures as strange as anything in SF.

And here’s some Cosplay highlights from Wonder Con 2017, held three weeks ago in Anaheim:

Sakura-Con, Seattle:

And the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo: