This week we lost Adam West, the actor best-known for his deliberately wooden, comic turn as Batman in the 1960s. While many bat-fans find the series an embarrassment, its runaway success helped revitalize the superhero comic, and demonstrated that superheroes could work in mainstream media. Only Superman, really, had achieved that status beforehand, on radio and television.1

The Harry Potter Festival organized for Goderich, Ontario, has had to move to nearby Blyth. Those who booked accommodations in scenic Goderich will receive shuttlebus service. The festival will see the small town transformed into some Harry Potter-verse equivalent over the three-day festival, which has attracted ticket-buyers from around the world.

Japan’s Softbank is buying Boston Dynamics, Google’s robot company:

SpaceX update and a couple of Cons, below:

SpaceX has experienced some setbacks (), but hopes to resume launches from Cape Canaveral later this summer.

Geekiverse has this video of Niagara Falls Comic-Con, held at the start of June:

While mamuro5254 has a video from Sandusky, Ohio’s Colossalcon, held the same weekend:

1. Period cartoons, like the low-budget serials of the 1940s, were very much kids’ fare.