Last-week’s San Diego Comic-con saw a display of a real-life Iron Manesque “jet-powered Exosuit.” Reality falls short of fiction, but it’s still pretty cool.

More on Comic-Con, science, and tech, below:

Yellow Productions and JoBlo have posted some of the many videos of last week’s cosplay in San Diego:

Could Titan, with its methane-imbued atmosphere nevertheless support life? The presence of Vinyl cyanide opens a door to that possibility, though it certainly wouldn’t be life as we know it.

Despite whatever may be going on with the U.S. government, NASA isn’t being entirely ignored.

Meanwhile, the Guiness Book of World Records interviews record-setting astronaut Peggy Whitson:

But, as others have noted, is it a world record if you set it off-planet?

You might want to avoid the comment section however, which has been invaded by the Tinfoil Hat Set. I often wonder what these people think the endgame is of their Great Space Conspiracy, quite apart from the fact that it would entail hundreds of thousands of people, most not connected, in a broad range of fields, lying, falsifying results, and conspiring, and then never revealing Teh Truth.

Back on earth: would you use a self-driving mobile grocery-store?

And remember, Comic-Con is about, you know, comix!