Happy 30th Birthday, Star Trek: The Next Generation

Thirty years ago today, Star Trek returned to TV for the first time in two decades. What we got was awkward at first, but turned into something incredible.

Lest it get too big for its britches, the crew at Screen Junkies have put together a loving little roast of TNG in the form of an honest trailer.

What was your favorite TNG moment (aside from that epic moment Crusher got down with a space ghost)?

2 replies on “Happy 30th Birthday, Star Trek: The Next Generation”

  1. That trailer is indeed honest and accurate.

    I think TNG might have set the bar too high for television shows. I want to see all sorts of shows take their premise, skip ahead a generation, and pick up the tale. Firefly: The Next Generation, where a middle aged River Tam and teenage Emma Washburne take their ship to find a grizzled old reclusive war hero, Malcolm Reynolds. Lost: The Next Generation where another plane crashes and someone actually learns what’s up with that island. Buffy: The Next Generation, where Willow Rosenberg and her wife’s first born must learn to live in peace with a vampire college room mate. Spider-Man: The Next Generation, which is really Spider-Girl, starign Mayday Parker.

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