Future Franchise Deals and Discussions with Disney

If you haven’t already heard, Rian Johnson will be overseeing an entirely new Star Wars trilogy, set in some other corner of a galaxy far, far away. Buzz holds that it might not even shoehorn in connections to every existing character.

Talks have stalled, but Disney and Fox continue to discuss a deal that would bring Marvel properties such as the X-Men and the Fantastic Four back under the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s control.

If this happens, should the mutants and heroes rejoin? Or stay in their own universes? And will we finally get a good FF film?

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  1. I hope that they bring them into the same universe and start it out with a variation on Avengers vs X-Men. I think I was one of the few who truly enjoyed that series.

  2. Please oh please, do Knights of the Old Republic. Or something in the Old Republic era. It’s so ripe for new characters and stories.

    While it sounds cool, it might just get too overcrowded to put X-Men into the MCU. But if they built their own up, with the same quality, that’d be fine. Then maybe do a “cross-over” event with some multiverse mumbo-jumbo as a two-part movie.

    Psst, Disney, if you’re listening: We fans would love it if you bought the two sets of Star Trek rights and merged them back together.

    • The X-Men work fine in their own ‘verse, but a crossover might be interesting.

      But the Fantastic Four need to turn up, especially since the established MCU heroes (except for Spidey) are aging.

      • We posted at the same time with the same thought.

        I also want to see the FF, but the FF doesn’t work as well as the new guys. Reed is the flawed father figure, Sue is “Mom”, Johnny is the screw-up older brother, and Ben is your fun uncle. The Marvel Universe even defines it’s time-line by their appearance. Adding that in after Spidey is buddies with the Avengers would be weird.

        Maybe their appearance could be the opening of Avengers: Secret War, showing alternate Avengers trying to save their universe, it failing, and Reed getting his family out in a life raft into our MCU, starting the movie with the attempt to save all the worlds…

    • If they got the X-Rights, did an X-movie phase, an MCU phase, a small FF story to get them set up, then they could do Secret Wars (the recent one) and bring them all into one. It be great way to restart some of their stories that are aging out, too. (RDJ is 52, how long before he has to hand it off to Ironheart?)

      And after seeing Disney do such great things with MCU and Star Wars, yeah. I kinda want to see what they could do to Trek, but Discovery is great, the movies are fun, and I think they could do something good (set Post-Voyager) if they tried.

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