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  1. I really love Cecil B. Demille’s epic films (10 Commandments, Cleopatra, Union Pacific) and looking at the genre honestly think that Avengers and Justice League really need that scale of movie to do them justice. They don’t movies like they did then anymore.

  2. So I read something today where Scarlett Johansson was quoted stating that Ms. Marvel will be in the movie. I hope this is true – I’ve managed to get my daughter into comics through the MCU and DCEU. She loved Wonder Woman (as did I) and although I didn’t particularly care for Justice League, I think she gets really excited over the idea that there are women who actually have superpowers (although the dad in me still thinks she’s a little too young to watch Jessica Jones).

    And call me a pig but my wife has enjoyed the DC movies more than the Marvel movies and is particularly fascinated with Harley Quinn (giggity).

    • My wife was too young to watch Jessica Jones. So was I. **Shudder** David Tennant is a creepy villain.

      Also, I am still holding out hope for surprise appearances of cross-dimensional characters. Specifically, a Hugh Jackman cameo.

      • I’d just like a cameo by a Defender. One cameo. How hard could that be in a film containing 97 major characters?

        Jessica Jones is my favorite of the Defenders shows, but yeah…. It’s probably the most kid-unfriendly superhero show/movie since Super.

        • If the movie goes doesn’t have Netflix and hasn’t kept up with any Defenders, I think Daredevil, even as a civilian, would be able to appear and not seem out of place.

        • I seriously hope we at least get a brief cameo of all the Defenders. It looks like there’s major battle going on in New York – can we at least get the four of them looking up into the sky and commenting with something like “Let’s leave this shit to the professionals”

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