Deep in the Borneo jungles live exploding ants, who self-sacrifice for their colony while having a bit of a blast.

They’re no Atlanteans, but the Bajou people may have a genetic advantage when it comes to sea-diving.

If you’ve been following one of the creepier celebrity stories making the rounds this year, you may know that Allison Mack, best known as Chole from Smallville, has been arrested this week for complicity in crimes allegedly committed by a bizarre sex cult. Earlier, the investigation looked at Kristin “Lana Lang” Kreuk’s involvement, but she left the group years ago, and claims the activity at that time was less legally and ethically troubling.

If you want something less serious or scientific, we’ve got two recent cosplay videos by Youtubers, below.

You may have heard about this forthcoming film called, uh, I think, Infinity Wars? These cosplayers certainly have:

“Benito73”’s vid feels a little less spectacular, but it appears to be the first posted out of LexiCon, held this weekend in Lexington, Kentucky. That’s some shiny armor:

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  1. I’ve gotta say I’m a bit disappointed not to have a video of the exploding ant.

    • Likewise! Though, as everyone indicates, it’s not a “Michael Bay” type explosion.

      But I still wish I could have found something.

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