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Last week, I asked for input about which game I should play to review next. The results are in: the next game is the original Dragon Quest in its mobile incarnation, originally released in North America as Dragon Warrior. Details on the voting methodologies and the next six games in sequence follows for those who are interested. All options listed were mobile games of the JRPG variety.

The order of the next seven game reviews is as follows:

  1. Dragon Quest
  2. Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions
  3. Dragon Quest IV
  4. Final Fantasy IV: The After Years
  5. Final Fantasy VI (III US)
  6. Final Fantasy Dimensions
  7. Dragon Quest VIII

The exact numerical process to decide this order follows below.

My original intent was to solicit feedback exclusively via Bureau 42, but there was very little response in the first couple of days, so I also asked in a poll from a Final Fantasy Legacies Facebook group I’m a part of. Each response from Bureau 42 allowed for first, second, and third choices among the options, with first choices counting for 5 points, second for 4 points, and third for 3 points. All votes on the Facebook group counted for 1 point. Each point for a game had a weighting. The weighting was the square root of the sum of factors that make the game appealing: if I’ve never played the game at all, if I’ve never finished it, if I’ve never finished the mobile version, if I’ve finished it a maximum of 1 time, if I’ve never felt like I’ve cleaned out the entire game, if I’ve finished games that precede it in the storyline, if it allows for cloud saving, if it uses the iOS game centre, and if it’s never been reviewed for Bureau 42. If it has narrative sequels on the list, then the weighting of those sequels is also included. They must be direct sequels, though: Dragon Quest 1-3 form a trilogy, as do Dragon Quest 4-6, but there are no combinations of games outside those trilogies. There were two responses directly through Bureau 42. One requested Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, and Final Fantasy Dimensions in that order, and the other requested Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions, Final Fantasy VI (III US), and Dragon Quest IV. The Facebook group produced 5 votes for Final Fantasy VIII, 2 votes for Final Fantasy Dimensions, and 1 for Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions. Technically, there was a tie between Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy Dimensions in terms of point value, but I felt Final Fantasy VI would be of interest to more people, so I broke the tie by making it the priority. I cannot estimate exactly how long it will take me to work through these games, but here is the order.

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