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Video Game Review – “Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster”

I’m slowly working through the Pixel Remaster editions of the first six Final Fantasy games, and I’m letting my wife pick the order. (She’s doing so at random, as she’s not a gamer. It just moves me past decision paralysis.) Below is my review of number IV, which I thought was number II growing up. The actual Final Fantasy II will be the topic of the next review. (I obtain all iOS achievements in one game before getting the next, so the reviews won’t be coming out particularly quickly.)

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Next 7 video game reviews chosen

Last week, I asked for input about which game I should play to review next. The results are in: the next game is the original Dragon Quest in its mobile incarnation, originally released in North America as Dragon Warrior. Details on the voting methodologies and the next six games in sequence follows for those who are interested. All options listed were mobile games of the JRPG variety.

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