This remarkable short film Scavenger from Raphael Rogers on Vimeo has been posted as a “proof of concept” for a feature. Whether or not it gets made, we have these visuals to enjoy.

Actual space news, and some recent con cosplay, appear below (along with a sneak preview of Halloween, not for the weak of heart): has posted some awesome video of a a DragonX Cargo Capsule leaving the ISS.

China’s Onespace and iSpace have had successful suborbital launches.

NASA is a little closer to realizing the Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle .

Meanwhile, for those of us with our eyes on earthly matters, iShinobi Studios has an impressive video of DragonCon 2018’s coplayers:

While “SceneCreek” and City-TV have some video of Toronto’s 2018 Fan Expo:

Finally, for those of you okay with the fact that Halloween costumes and candy have already crept into the stores, and who have a tolerance for the disturbing, we have something special. This grotesque Polish short has been creeping around since 2010, but MagnetFilm only posted it to Dailymotion (and Youtube) earlier this week. Autumn is coming: