Newspace: Comic Cons…. And Major Science and Space Stories!

Sure, I planned to post my video of the 2018 Forest City Comicon, but then this past week also turned out to be full of science-related stories. From ancient life forms to raving octopodes to…. Spock’s actual home planet? We have a news round-up below.

And more video of events, of course.

The Dharma Planet Survey has discovered that the star HD 26965 aka 40 Eridani A, which Star Trek-related literature makes the home system of the planet Vulcan, actually has a planet that could, theoretically, support life.

NASA’s new space telescope, meanwhile, begins to seek out new worlds, and already may have found some.

Back on earth, a fossil found near Russia’s White Sea may be the oldest known life form in this planet’s history.

Speaking of life-forms, the actual intelligence of cephalopods remains a matter for debate, but a recent study reveals the tentacled beasts become more sociable when they take MDMA, more commonly known as “ecstasy.” Some, apparently, even start partying.

As for the sort of parties nerds attend, Blyth, Ontario, has once again transformed itself for a Harry Potter Festival:

“Sevenblade” posted this video of the Netherlands’ Elfia Arcen:

While “Comics with Bueller” features some cosplay from Portland’s Rose City Comic Con, held earlier this month: