War of the Worlds Teaser Online

In Quicktime format on Apple.com

Not really sold on this one. Do we need another remake? I loved the book and the 1953 version is a Sci-Fi masterpiece.

Oh, and did anyone other than me watch the uber-creepy TV series?

6 replies on “War of the Worlds Teaser Online”

  1. Jeff Wayne
    Well, nothing beats Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of the War of the Worlds. Hell, I think I have to listen to it again right… Now! :-)

  2. I want my Vicorian era alien invasion
    Oh goodie, there’s one of those too, coming out in march.

    Maybe that present-day-in-the-states version will be good too.

  3. Too little footage to judge
    There’s way too little footage to judge yet.. personally I think it should be interesting.


  4. The least they could have done…
    was to hire an Orson Welles impersonator to do the voice-over. But that was the ultimate in a teaser trailer – bet you that none of that is in the movie, it was all created just for this trailer.

    That being said, I’m curious about the victorian-era. Budget looks small, but certainly will be more interesting.

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