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  1. Not that keen so far
    Its only a teaser, but so far I’m not that keen on it. The original I thought was quite perfect.


    • Re: Not that keen so far

      Its only a teaser, but so far I’m not that keen on it. The original I thought was quite perfect.


      Funny, I was uninterrested by this movie until I saw this trailer, now I can’t wait for july! Never saw the original… just bits and pieces, countless parodies.

      • Re: Not that keen so far

        I was never a huge fan of the original, though it has its moments. And of course, those happy-go-lucky, moralistic slaves, the Oompa-loompas, who changed a fair bit from their first appearance.

  2. -blink-… -blink-…. -blink-…
    OK… I knew it was gonna be surreal… I was ready for that… but… but… that was just… disturbing… I LIKE IT!!!

    Ah the sheer surreal joy of Burton, Deep, Elfman doing a Dahl story… glee :D

  3. looks twisted…
    far less kid friendly than the original… lookslike more of an adult oriented film.

  4. Hmmmm
    Can’t remember if I downloaded this teaser or if I saw it before Blade 3 last night at the pics (yes, I do have a particularly sub-par short term memory), but I wasn’t too sure about it.

    This new take seems a little more disturbed I think… and while I am a big fan of Johnny Depp he just didn’t seem to fit as Wonka to me.

    Guess I’d be best to wait n see the film before drawing any conclusions tho.

  5. It’s not really a remake!
    For everyone who is referring to “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” 2005 as a ‘remake’ to the ‘original’ “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” from the 70s … it really isn’t a remake. Tim Burton is returning to the original integrity of the book that started it all by Roald Dahl, which was called “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” Johnny Depp’s Wonka is much closer to the way Dahl described him in the book, unlike Gene Wilder’s Wonka. (Dahl HATED the way Wilder portrayed Wonka!!!) The occurances and fiascos that take place will probably be closer to what happened in the book.

    In the movie, Veruca is dropped down a chute because she is a “bad egg.” The movie has the geese who lay golden chocolate eggs. What REALLY happened: there were actually squirrels that deshell nuts all day. They detect that Veruca is rotten so they pick her up and carry her to the garbage chute and toss her in.

    The script writer for “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” 2005 has never seen “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,” so there will only be very basic plot comparisons to make between the movies.

    My Prediction: “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” 2005 will kick major ass. Johnny Depp has the ability to properly portray Wonka as a dark, disheartened man who has lost hope for the world and is giving it one more chance to prove goodness.

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