Iron Fist and Luke Cage Cancelled

It’s not exactly “news” anymore, but I thought I’d throw it out there. Just in case there was any discussion/conjecture/wild speculation to be had out there.

I know Iron Fist wasn’t a beloved series, but it sounded like Luke Cage was well-liked series. Maybe combining them into Heroes for Hire?

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  1. I actually wanted to see where they were going with that ending on Iron Fist. It sure hinted at something big. Luke Cage looked like it was going interesting places but it wasn’t nearly so much of a cliff hanger, really.

    Seems like the big reason for this is Marvel wanting too much money from Netflix compared to the expected revenue/metrics/whatever. They probably expected Netflix to just cave and pay up since, well, Marvel. I think these two cancellations are Netflix showing that they aren’t bluffing when negotiating with Marvel. Basically saying that they aren’t nearly so desperate for bit brand content as they were when they signed on for Daredevil back in “the day”.

  2. While the second season of Iron Fist was better than the first season, that wasn’t really a high bar. I’m not very surprised it got cancelled… nor very sad.

    Luke Cage, though, I was enjoying. I think many people thought the second season was weaker, though.

    I’ve also heard from an unreliable source that they’re cancelling ALL the Netflix Marvel shows, because Disney wants to roll everything in… anyone hear anything about that?

    • I have heard that Disney is getting ready for their own network, but from what I saw it was less about taking Netflix’s shows but starting new ones. I get the impression the driving forces actually making the shows are Netflix people, so if the show moved, they’d lose a lot of what actually makes the show.

      I do get the impression this is purely a political thing between the two companies, and I think that both shows seemed to be going someplace interesting so I can just hope we get a Heroes for Hire or Daughters of the Dragon, or something to at least keep these characters alive.

      I just noticed, while in the middle of Daredevil Season 3, the Netflix shows are pretty much the Marvel Knights comics line, huh?

  3. Not sure of their source, but SlashFilm had the following information:

    “Some of the scripts for the next season of Luke Cage had already been turned in to Netflix, and apparently the streaming service wasn’t impressed with what they had been given so far. The result was the old standby of creative differences and neither Netflix nor the Luke Cage crew could come to a compromise to strikes a deal that would have locked down a third season. In the wake of the disagreement behind the scenes, the writers room was put on hold and some ‘turmoil ensued this week.’ That’s where the creative differences came into play with regards to where the show was heading, and there was even talk of some personnel changes. All those difficulties led to Netflix deciding just to cancel the series altogether.”


    Seems like a lousy reason, but worse reasons have been used to cancel a show in the past. (*cough*Firefly*cough*)

    • I find it unlikely that scripts had been turned in before season three had even been greenlit. Netflix made no promises of season three. Also, Netflix is a hands-on distributor, so the scripts would go through Disney first. I am not a part of the industry, but the information from their source is inconsistent with my understanding of the business relationships in play here.

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