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  1. I think Stan’s image, as has been done in every MCU movie so far, should continue to be in every movie from now on in some fashion.

    He was truly a legend.

    He only drew picture book stories for a living, and yet people are correctly saying, “He changed the world.”


  2. He was 95, so nobody can really claim this was a surprise, but a few years ago a friend posted something about how he didn’t think he was ready to lose Stan Lee. I chuckled because he was old enough that you had to expect it soon, but at the same time, I realized I wasn’t either. The intervening years didn’t change that. Through his stories, he made a pretty clear picture of what was right and wrong, and he tends to be a better teacher at that than most religions I’ve seen. Beyond that, despite potentially having an army that spanned generations who gladly would pay just to stand next to him, he was a grateful, kind, welcoming person to everyone. I don’t mean ‘just people in his circle’ or ‘just people who were nice to him’, I mean everyone. He was a real class act.

    I’m sad that Stan is no longer with us. Literally my entire life he was always someone that was out there who set an example for the good in life, like a father, grandfather, or uncle you just never quite got to run into. So, even if I didn’t know him personally, I have been deeply and personally affected by him. I do find some comfort that his catch phrases help to answer both why and where to go from here. Why? “’nuff said.” Where do we go from here? “Ever upward.”

    When we led a scouting troop for my daughters, my wife came up with the name Excelsior Circle, and we had a battle cry we started/ended our meetings:
    “Better, Faster, Stronger, EXCELSIOR!”

    • Neil Gaiman said today (yesterday?) that he was first interviewed for a Stan Lee obituary quotation twenty years ago.

      He lived a long life, and spent most of it doing what he wanted, successfully.


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