Star Trek as a Lens on Society: For Credit

If you’re registered in Dakatur, Illinois, you can get a credit for formally engaging in all those discussions you’ve already had online and with your Trek-watching friends.

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  1. Almost
    I tried to do a lit paper on Star Trek. The theme of that couse was based on a Post-Structuralist’s theory that fiction and history are really one and the same. The only thing that got me through that course was solitare on my laptop and a classmate who would kick me if I started snoring.

    Anyway I wanted to use Star Trek as the primary text for my final paper since everything we had read bored me to tears(and that is the best reaction). But the teacher nixed the idea… because she hasn’t watched TV in 20 years!!!

    I ended up stringing togther 15 pages of barely connected thoughts and getting a B-

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