8 replies on “Dorky Geeky Nerdy #5 – Quotable Whedonverse”

  1. I was surprised we didn’t see the quotes:

    “You’re a dick,” “Okay.”


    “Hmmm… spaghetti derivative… meatballs, sort of anyway… and… ooh, Kaldorf droppings! Who ate it before you did?”

    • That said, I love Joss and can quote a lot, but wasn’t expecting to be able to narrow them down to episodes, but I did better than I expected. (Except I whiffed on a few Dollhouse and Angel quotes.)

      • Yeah, I knew those were going to be hard. I specifically pulled some quotes that were indicative of a specific episode (like the last episode of a series).

        Later quotable episodes probably won’t be character/show/episode in the final round, unless it’s the only way to do it.

        • I did notice that, I think one was the last line of the entire televised universe, too.

          Another way to go about it would be to do quotes that are two people going back and forth for three points, one for each person, one for the source:

          “Who are you?”
          – “Let’s just say…I’m a friend.”
          “Yeah, well, maybe I don’t want a friend.”
          – “I didn’t say I was yours. “

          • Nice. I will definitely take that one under advisement. In fact, it’ll help for the one I have specifically in mind for the next Quotables episode.

  2. Didn’t score so well as the earlier Dorky Nerdy Geekies, after the first round, but I will soon have a review of the first three issues of the Buffy reboot comic.

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