First Episode of Twilight Zone is Free

Want a look at Jordan Peale’s new version of the Twilight Zone? You don’t need CBS All Access to watch the first episode, “The Comedian.” Just head over to YouTube and watch it now (embedding is disabled, so you have to watch it on YouTube itself). What do you think? Is it a worthy successor to the classic?

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  1. I will watch it soon, and be reviewing the new series– at least as long as it holds my interest. I suspect it will hold my interest.

    But I may have to wait til it hits Canada on Thursday. Youtube is telling me the video is not available. Perhaps it’s only on Youtube south of the 45th parallel?

    • Peale blew me away with Get Out (haven’t seen Us yet) and it looks like he’s assembled quite the cast and crew for the show. As long as he doesn’t get bogged down in remakes of the original (I see Terror at 30,000 feet as one episode) or at least puts an interesting spin on them, it should be good.

  2. The Episode starts out with a Comedian ranting about how the second amendment starting with “Well regulated Militia” means that gun laws are required because the amendment says so.

    That the episode fails to realize that with respect to a Militia, regulated means trained and ready, and not legally bound, and since it takes pot shots at people who actually value the second amendment, it hand me tuning out in mere minutes.

    Not an auspicious start for the Twilight Zone reboot.

    • Does the episode fail to recognize it, or does a character, who is, you know, a comedian? Because those aren’t the same thing…. especially in…. The Twilight Zone……..

    • So I’ll have reviews of the first two eps up soon, but did you watch beyond the first three minutes? His joke, whatever its politics, isn’t funny and leaves the audience in the club confused. That’s the starting point of the episode. It’s literally a throwaway bad joke that gets him rethinking his approach to comedy.

      • I watched a little ways into the episode, which I didn not find compelling and then fast forwarded to different bits. Standard “deal with the devil” story, and I it did not hold my interest. The main character was too annoying to really care about. However Tracy Morgan plays his part very well.

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