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  1. Great edition of your trivia game!

    I do have a couple of observations, since it is, after all, a trivia game:

    Did Michigan J. Frog, in fact, first appear “One Froggy Evening?” That question has actually been debated. MJF loves to sing for large audiences. This is emphatically not true of the unnamed amphibian in “One Froggy Evening.”

    However this is one of my best weeks, and I just gave the “disputed” answer to that question.

    Missed opportunity:
    Q: After what historical event does Granny recall having had a great time?
    A: The Battle of Gettysburg (after the boys got back), according to “Hare Trimmed.”
    That cartoon also gives her the first name of “Emma,” though her true name has also spurred debate.

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