As some of you may have heard, JMS was more than a little irritated by the DVD release of Crusade. It seems that he had agreed to record a commentary for one of the episodes on the condition that it be left intact, since he planned to tell the fans why the show got cancelled. Well, Warner edited those comments out and left the rest intact. After much conversation, (to quote JMS when I asked him about this via e-mail last December: “We’re talking. Loudly.”) it has been decided that future pressings of Crusade will not include his commentary. The deal was an “all or nothing” type of deal, so they’ve agreed on the “nothing” bit. Existing copies, such as those available here, still have that commentary track. I’ll keep an eye for a new pressing when I’m doing the weekly DVD column, and let you know when the commentary-free
batch is available. I’d suggest getting this version; I’ve listened to the commentary, and even though it’s not complete, it is interesting and informative.