3 replies on “Chapter XXVIII: In Which Passepartout Does Not Succeed In Making Anybody Listen to Reason (Bedtime in the Public Domain: Around the World in 80 Days)”

  1. This particular scene is one which seems far fetched on the surface but is, in fact, distressingly believable. At least that such an attempt might be made. It does make for a really nice visual in motion picture adaptations, though.

    I actually thought this scene was made up for the 1956 movie (just like the balloon and bull fighting sequence at the start). I was pleasantly surprised when I finally read the book to discover that Verne actually wrote the scene.

    Also, I haven’t been listening to these, but has he been saying “pass uh part out” for “Passepartout” all along? The name is French (“passe par tout”, pronounced “pass par too” meaning, roughly, “goes everywhere”, “been everywhere”, or maybe “well travelled”).

    • I searched for the proper pronunciation online and got four different answers before recording anything, so I just took my best guess and worked to keep it consistent. Now that I read your comment, I realize I should have known better from the start…

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