2 replies on “Dorky Geeky Nerdy #25: Astronomy”

  1. Predictably, I started with nearly 100% in the first round and declined as the questions grew more difficult.

    However, I must object to the question about the Moons of Jupiter.. While the answer itself is correct, the comment afterwards is misleading.

    Unless my math is right off, only 29 of those moons are females lovers, which the eyebrow-arched reading of “quality time” seems to imply. One more (Ganymede) is a probable male lover– quality time, but not, by conventional designation, a she. Several others are foster-mothers and daughters of Zeus/Jupiter. Even if we take these as a version of “quality time” (even Zeus had his limits!), that results in a different number than the one you give.

    It’s a trivia game. I get to nitpick.

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