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  1. 17.

    I actually think I did better than I was expecting, I guess I’ve heard of more of these than I thought.

    Also, while I’m still listening while driving, I learned to keep track by counting in binary on one hand. If I seem to actually start doing well, I just count how many I get wrong.

  2. I got nearly everything. I forgot the title of the Cesar Romero film, I didn’t know about a certain TV poster (never watched Mad About You), and I stumbled on Gojira! Duh. Or perhaps, Sreeeonk!

    Note: that comedy duo also met up with the Creature from the Black Lagoon. However, that meeting took place on a TV show.

    And the Bureau will be following this podcast with TWO reviews this weekend of works set in alternate versions of the 1950s. Stay tuned!

    • In researching this topic, I realized how few of these movies are available on streaming (at least the services I have). I shall be tuning in for reviews.

      • These won’t be movie reviews, but I’ll try to get some of those set up for Summer Reviews or October Countdown.

        One is a Hugo-nominated novel and the other is a 2018 graphic. But both take place in 1lt-versions of the 1950s…..

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