Sandman to appear on Netflix

One of the greatest graphic series of all time, Neil Gaiman’s game-changing Sandman, finally, reportedly will receive a live adaptation. It will appear, curiously, on Netflix, and not DC’s own streaming service, and they project it will be the most expensive show DC Entertainment has ever produced.

So will it finally happen? Will it work? And who would make your dream cast?

Also: Happy Canada Day!

3 replies on “Sandman to appear on Netflix”

  1. Well, after they did great things with David Tennant for Good Omens, I am looking forward to this. Lucifer was a lot of fun on Netflix, too.

    My only pick for the show (only as in “I am not good at this” not “there aren’t any better choices”) would be Bill Skarsgård as Dream: Tall, lanky, and just weird.

  2. I agree with a recent (pre-announcement) suggestion that Tatiana Maslany should be Death.

    Could a de-aged Tori Amos make an appearance as Delirium?

    Some British actor/comedian should obviously be Hob Gadling. Nick Frost? Simon Pegg?

    Do they fly in the existing actors from other shows to play Constantine and Lucifer?

    Evan Rachel Wood would make a good Titania.

    Steve Buscemi or Tom Hiddleston as the Corinthian.

    Peter Dinklage as… anyone. Puck, maybe? Though I could also see a female Puck working.

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