3 replies on “Dorky Geeky Nerdy Trivia #28 | The Legend of Zelda”

  1. I got a surprisingly low score at 13. I realized that for me to get a decent score this would have needed to be about Breathe of the Wild exclusively. Then again, I missed the BOTW question, so nevermind.

    • A couple years ago I ran a panel on Diversity in Nerdity. It used to be we shared similar references, and at least had a clue about the shows/books/et cetera we didn’t know.

      Now? I couldn’t tell you anything about The Legend of Zelda, other than being able to identify the theme and some characters, which I know from Con cosplayers.

      And ocarinas. A musically-inclined kid I know bought an ocarina because of this game.

    • I did contemplate a BotW-only episode and I may still do that (that game is MASSIVE). Perhaps right before the sequel rolls out, we’ll do one.

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