Spider-Man is Back in the MCU

Put the torches and pitchforks away, my friends. Spidey is staying with the MCU.

Whatever money issues between Sony and Disney that were an impasse have, apparently, been sorted out. So we can look forward to seeing Spider-Man in other MCU movies as well as MCU characters appearing in Spider-Man films.

Happy Friday everyone!

4 replies on “Spider-Man is Back in the MCU”

  1. I’m pretty sure there was always going to be a deal but the game of chicken didn’t go as either party expected:

    Disney: We own the money printer. We get to make the terms. Take it or leave it.
    Sony: Nuh-uh. We have the rights to that thing that fans of your money printer want. We ain’t caving to your demands.

    Both parties stare at each other expecting the other to blink. Time limit expires.

    Both parties: “Well, shit. That didn’t work.”

    Proper negotiations begin.

    Ordinarily, I think this would have all gone on in the back rooms and we wouldn’t have heard much about it at all. The cynic in me says that they already had a deal basically done but they staged the public fight last month for publicity, or maybe as a way to smack some recalcitrant executives or corporate directors or even shareholders upside the head. Or maybe both.

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