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  1. You found some interesting traditions! I managed only 14 points this time around.

    Two technicalities:

    Wassail is from Germanic phrases such as “Wæs þu hæl! (Anglo-Saxon)” and “Ves heill!” (Norse) meaning “Be in good health!” It can refer to singing for wassail or singing while serving wassail. The actual drink is usually mulled, spiced, heated cider, but, historically, it can be mulled, heated, spiced, anything. I have seen beer and port wassail.

    The names of the Magi vary from culture to culture. The Biblical account neither names them or even specifically states there were three of them. The names you give are the most common names attributed to them in the west, derived from documents written centuries after the supposed event.

  2. 17 points, and I didn’t think I was going to get another one until those last two. Apparently I know all the easy ones and two hard ones and that’s it.

    Also, those were fascinating questions, very well done!

    • Thanks! There’s some really cool stuff going on around the world. Some of these were “yum, yes” and other gave me a good laugh.

      Plus, it’s always good to learn something new.

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