3 replies on “A Christmas Carol | Dorky Geeky Nerdy #48”

  1. 16, and once I got up to the part where I didn’t know it anymore, I was just done. I have to have my wife try this one, too, she loves that story.

    Also, next week, I better have a higher score.

  2. That was a Dickens of a round, on a story we often review this time of year.

    Interesting that we didn’t touch the recent “adult” F/X version. I don’t mind the different variations we’ve seen of the story– including some pretty dark elements that are very true to the source material– but I’m not really sure we needed obscenities , a sex-abuse subplot, and someone peeing on Marley’s grave. As one reviewer wrote, “God help us, every one!”

    • I’m usually down for any adaptation of A Christmas Carol, but that one gave me pause. I may watch it next year out of simple, morbid curiosity.

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