Star Wars: The High Republic Announcement

The new vision for Star Wars is a new era, set 200 years before The Phantom Menace. Not quite as old as the (now non-canon) Old Republic era, but at a point when the Republic and the Jedi are at their height. Sounds promising.

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      • IIRC, there was already a lot of antipathy between the Jedi and Mandalorians in the Clone Wars series, and with enough tensions still in place to make the friendship between Obi Wan and a high-ranking Mandalorian possible but “interesting”, so assumed their war had occured at least several decades prior to the Clone Wars. The Mandalorian’s flashbacks seemed to depict a different event, with a planet being attacked by a Clone Army, so I don’t think we have a date for the Jedi-Mandalorian wars unless it’s in the “Legends” material I haven’t read (which is considerable, as it includes all the comics and all of the novels from the Yuuzhan Vong (sp?) arc).

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