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  1. My score was the Bureau’s favorite: 42.

    Round 1: Got them all. Round 2: I got 3 wrong, and Round 3: was 4 wrong.

    I don’t know my behind the scenes as well, but I did miss two in universe question. Also, I think I should have gotten partial credit for calculating the number of episodes of each series in my head to answer, and only being off by one. I broke into song only once. Nope! Twice, the last question made me launch into “Dilate“.

    ….and while it way, way, way too late, today might have been a good day for an Empire Records quiz, as it’s Rex Manning Day!

    • I did clarify on the episode count that it includes the unaired pilot. So if you were one off, I’ll allow it.

    • How… did I beat you? 10, 9, and 7, for 49 points.

      And which season was off by one? I’m confident Angel should only be 110 episodes, for 22 x 5. The IMDB lists 111 including an “unaired pilot,” but if you dig into the details on it, that’s only a 5 minute proof of concept test reel which does not form a pilot in any real sense, so I think we should be able to count 110 as the correct answer for that one. (If Brian disagrees, my score is only 46.)

      • I got Buffy’s count correct, it was Angel’s where I was off by one, so I could take that point back, but I don’t mind having a score of number 42.

        As for how you did better, I suspect you knew the behind the scenes question I didn’t. I will dive into a universe to escape the existing one, so I tend to not learn as much real world trivia.

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